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My 2017 resolve:  Bold Movements

It seems that men are taught to live small. Live in increments. Whether it’s lifting weights, investing, losing flab, taking a journey of a thousand miles, in anything at all we are taught to just take that first step, and tomorrow, another. Merit increases. Gradual gains. Patience m'boy! Let the interest compound. And that my friends is a winning formula. Men who dollar-cost-average their way through life rarely ever lose. I put all that theory to work every day to support my family, keep my weight down, and my morale up, et cetera, ad nauseam. And guess what? I frickin' hate it.

I need Bold Movement. You know, spikes in the status quo. Living small guarantees a living, but Bold Movement brings you to life: a spike in adrenaline means you just pushed past the ordinary. A spike in cash means you just transcended payday. A spike in memory means you just did something worth retelling. So I am going for some big spikes this year. The point hear is not to be reckless or mindless. After all, spike and impale go together like school busses and railroad crossings. But imagine the life you could live if you used analysis, experience, intelligence – every trait that makes you that respectable guy day to day. That’s my resolution: to add smart spikes to the sensible baseline. Bold Movement in the day to day. 

These spikes still qualify as bets, of course, but educated, well planned, well executed bets. It’s with that firm grabbing of intelligent risk that I’ve got a couple of these lined up for 2017:

  • Climb five more of the tallest mountains in Colorado
  • Own a kayak (maybe two)
  • Find ten good people who are ready for a Bold Movement 
  • Every day, do something that scares me

Here’s the best part:

If these horses don’t come in, what have I really lost? Money? Maybe, but you shouldn’t be betting money that you can’t lose. No, the real casualty is time. And if the knowledge it bought was well earned, then it really was time well spent.

It really is a shame that the smartest way to live is often the most boring, routine, and predictable. But listen, if you craft big, smart bets, you’ll be able maintain control while still finding yourself in that dizzying and enviable position called



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What does it mean to Run At Life?

To RUN implies a strong motivation to move from here to there. This person is SWITCHED ON and making a BOLD MOVEMENT.

When I talk about LIFE I mean feeling really ALIVE in our DEEP PLACES!

To RUN AT LIFE is to run toward what makes life excellent, fulfilling, wonderful, enjoyable, meaningful, valuable, and adventurous.

It implies character, which includes confidence, courage, commitment, faith, integrity, virtue, bravery, respect, desire, hunger, hope, strength, and passion.

To Run At Life demands endurance, patience, and a fitness in spirit and body that sustains continued movement toward a rewarding finish.


What does it take to begin to Run At Life?

Start by asking yourself some big questions --

  • What do I really, really want in the deepest part of me?

I am talking about the things that matter MOST in life -- your Spirituality, Relationships, and Adventures. I mean a passionate pursuit of what REALLY makes life deep and worth living!

  • What am I going to do about it?

If There are things you really, really want, what is it that is keeping those things at a distance? How badly do you really want them? What is your Level Of Desire for what you really, really want?? 

What are you willing to begin to do - -


What are you willing to stop doing - -

so that these things you are Dreaming of can begin to be yours?

Are you ready to grab hold of life and pull yourself to the next level? 

Are you ready to chase down and capture the dream that always seems to elude you?

Will you begin to Run At Life in a way that stretches you out and builds you up and draws a big smile across your face that makes you say, "Wow! I wonder what else I can be?"  

You know when it starts to hurt - you are getting somewhere, accomplishing something new, you are moving into and past your comfort level, your limits, your level of strength, your previous level of ability.

   Is this stirring you up at all?

   Does it jostle your comfortable soul?

   Are you hungry for life that pours out from DEEP INSIDE? 

   Do you see what you may be ignoring that may finally bring you to life?

If Not, then go ahead and leave my Website, you're not yet ready to RUN.

-- If so, then I want you to take your First Step toward the next good thing.

Go ahead and contact me and set up your complimentary Explore Meeting.

This is a fun conversation where we will talk about your Dreams and Expectations for life. You will get a glimpse of what your life can be like in the next months with your personal DeepLife Coach at your side, supporting you and pressing you forward to see the summit of your next adventure.  

All this takes is a 30-45 minute phone call (or in person if you like). It's a win/win meeting and it's a fun and fresh way to discover how you really can begin to Run At Life!




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To Run At Life is much more than dreaming big Dreams - It is you, pulling your Deep Dreams to you and seeing that they become reality.


Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it.

Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure.

Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.

Hellen Keller